Tuesday, October 16, 2007

mona & leonardo...

my daughter's inspired 'stroke-o-genius' costume idea for the "daddy/daughter" dance at her high school.

Friday, July 27, 2007

The 5 Stages of Fame in Hollywood

1) Who's Dave Lowery?
2) Get Me Dave Lowery!
3) Get Me Someone Just Like Dave Lowery.
4) Get Me A Young Dave Lowery!
5) Who's Dave Lowery?

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

the earlier, funnier movies...

another post; thought i'd resort to my usual default of "when you can't think of anything to say - do drawings!" still rolling in the warm swell of 'spidey 3' attention. as storyboard artist the groundswell of congrats & smiles is nice, but with the added credit of 'second unit director' - people look at you twice & actually want to listen to my self-effacing mumblings. though people in general still don't know what either job actually is....

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Cannes Convention '07

'twas my first trip to paris! first trip to europe actually... the MIP-TV convention in Cannes trying to sell an animated trailer as a TV series. Mr. Fujii developed 2 properties- one animated in Paris and one in LA. Though the experience was very "conventiony" (alot of standing in front of the booth hawking to potential distibutors & partners), being in the company of both veteran & maverick animators from France made for a welcoming & inspiring week. Having movies, animation and art in common was the best common ground one could ask for...

Monday, April 9, 2007

"But Enough About Me..."

"But enough about ME...let's talk about YOU! What do you think about me?!..." that just about sums up the nature of a blog; and what the content is generally like. So in that tradition, here's some caricatures of ME that friends have done.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

daydreaming on the night shift

'tis hard to know what's safe to say; what might come back to bite you on the ass - perhaps safer said as 'sayings'. on my links list i have the 'hucksblog' site; the pithy name of the site " i find your lack of faith disturbing" i cant figure out how to list . anyway, it's a blog by a screenwriter who writes w/o the slightest trace of fear as he lays bare all that is fucked-up in hollywood- it's shockingly bold (& funny). so, in the middle of a recent all-nighter, i find myself feeling right in the middle of all that is f-ed in h'wd, and being fond of coming up with 'sayings' my latest is , "... this job is hard enough when they help!...". feeling as we were, under-appreciated & rudder-less. that saying came on the heels of an even more dour one; said to my well-liked co-worker, ..." i so look forward to working with you - on the NEXT movie!...". i think my favorite saying came from norman reynolds, " the best part of the job is the first phone call"

Saturday, March 31, 2007

some work stuff from a working stiff

life drawings

these were drawings done at the art students league in nyc, on our day off while filming spidey 2. it's such an awesome atmosphere at the school; it being where jackson pollock studied from thomas hart benton & madonna posed nude for life drawers in her early years (she later made alot more out of the same parts...)

today's the day

being , as always, safely behind the curve, i have finally ventured forth to my first post of my first blog. even this little bit of cyber-giving is, somehow, a seed-change for me and an affirmation that , indeed - today's the day!.... this is more than i've ever done on the 2 web pages i'd reserved. this is even more writing than i usually do answering goddamn emails. what follows , albeit irregularly , will be my drawings, both personal and professional. any links and articles that i can figure out what to do with , and hopefully comments and contacts from friends new and used...