Saturday, March 31, 2007

some work stuff from a working stiff


Ted Boonthanakit said...

proud of you, mate
looking forward to seeing more.

Anthony said...

Congratulations Dave! Looks beautiful (naturally). I will check back often -- and thanks for linking to my site too.

Blogging can be addicting, you'll soon find out...

Jaymes Hinkle said...

Dave, always amazing but, I'd rather have a raise and draw my kids.

rstadd said...

I dunno. Stick with music.

gooseneck said...

You geek! getting computer savy huh.
Congratulations on your new hobby Dave and keep posting those beautiful boards.
Now you have a space to post some storyboard
tutorials....or raising kids tutorials.

Best to you pal.

margarida colorida said...

your work is wonderful! I´m going to link your blog to mine (I hope you don't mind).

TLE said...

man- I remember that sinbad stuff... just awesome...

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Jason Dunn said...

Wow! Awesome dinosaur!

Roberto Zaghi said...

The dino illustration is breathtaking, amazing perspective and dynamic, wow! I like your life scketches also, congrats.