Sunday, April 1, 2007

daydreaming on the night shift

'tis hard to know what's safe to say; what might come back to bite you on the ass - perhaps safer said as 'sayings'. on my links list i have the 'hucksblog' site; the pithy name of the site " i find your lack of faith disturbing" i cant figure out how to list . anyway, it's a blog by a screenwriter who writes w/o the slightest trace of fear as he lays bare all that is fucked-up in hollywood- it's shockingly bold (& funny). so, in the middle of a recent all-nighter, i find myself feeling right in the middle of all that is f-ed in h'wd, and being fond of coming up with 'sayings' my latest is , "... this job is hard enough when they help!...". feeling as we were, under-appreciated & rudder-less. that saying came on the heels of an even more dour one; said to my well-liked co-worker, ..." i so look forward to working with you - on the NEXT movie!...". i think my favorite saying came from norman reynolds, " the best part of the job is the first phone call"

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Peter Ramsey said...

Hey Dave!!! I just heard about the site. This is great! Finally, a place to genuflect before the King Of All Storyboard Artists.

Seriously, I'm really glad you did this. I'll be back often. Quick! Post more artwork!!!