Saturday, March 31, 2007

some work stuff from a working stiff

life drawings

these were drawings done at the art students league in nyc, on our day off while filming spidey 2. it's such an awesome atmosphere at the school; it being where jackson pollock studied from thomas hart benton & madonna posed nude for life drawers in her early years (she later made alot more out of the same parts...)

today's the day

being , as always, safely behind the curve, i have finally ventured forth to my first post of my first blog. even this little bit of cyber-giving is, somehow, a seed-change for me and an affirmation that , indeed - today's the day!.... this is more than i've ever done on the 2 web pages i'd reserved. this is even more writing than i usually do answering goddamn emails. what follows , albeit irregularly , will be my drawings, both personal and professional. any links and articles that i can figure out what to do with , and hopefully comments and contacts from friends new and used...