Saturday, May 31, 2008

just a drawin' fool...

although storyboarding is my job, drawing is my life. anybody who knows me, knows that sooner or later i'll be drawing you, probably at lunch. i used to carry a sketchbook ALWAYS, the habit started under john lincoln's life drawing tutelage @ CSULB. we all carried them then & we were always drawing. it becomes a part of how you interact with your life's events; to record them & in some way honor them, the drawing as part of the event remembered, even if it is just lunch. in time i've streamlined the process - i carry 5 x 7 index cards & a stub of a black prismacolor pencil; the drawing being done in the time between being seated and getting our food. being index cards they're easier to dole out & insist others draw too! shown are some restaurant sketches of my family; and a couple by them as well.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

life before hollywood...

... you mean , there was life before hollywood? well... there was school before hollywood for me. was looking at old, old stuff & thought id better post something! heres a comic strip from my high school newspaper featuring my alter-ego hippie/surfer dude 'hal roach' (the word 'slacker' hadnt been coined yet) & some editorial 'toons from my CSULB days on the union newspaper.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Draw lines son, and you will be a good artist..." Ingres' advice to Degas

Draw, draw, draw... there's a Gertrude Stein line in her book about Picasso, wherein she says "...he was an artist who constantly needed to be emptying..." . I can't claim such a profound wellspring as my source, but a guy can pretend,est-ce que je peux ?