Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Draw lines son, and you will be a good artist..." Ingres' advice to Degas

Draw, draw, draw... there's a Gertrude Stein line in her book about Picasso, wherein she says "...he was an artist who constantly needed to be emptying..." . I can't claim such a profound wellspring as my source, but a guy can pretend,est-ce que je peux ?


Frank-Joseph said...

You rock.

Rob Ruiz said...

Hey Dave, Just wanted to check in and see what you are up to. Nice Lines , Hoping to get out to some local workshops myself maybe even submit to a New York show or two.

Chris B said...

Hey David,

Remember me. I used to intern for Rob Hanna. Nice life drawings. Take care.


Meow Mix said...

Hello Dave,

Those drawings are really amazing. I just have a quick question for you. I am a film student and this is my third year. I will graduating next year with a film production bachelor degree. I am also an artist on the side, and I have been thinking of becoming a storyboard artist. I really love film and art and it would only make sense to do both.

Since you have been storyboarding for such a long time, is there any advise you have for me? I am not exactly sure where to start? Should I have to go to graphic design or animation school? What could I do to get a job? What would be the perfect place to get started?

Thank you for your time.


Melissa said...

nice drawings :) keep up the good work..