Wednesday, February 10, 2010

where have you been lowery !?!

some frames and a life drawing... the storyboards done with my tablet PC or my new cintiq. the photo is of my late, great life drawing master teacher from CSULB - John Lincoln. i opened a fortune cookie that summed up life class with John, "Teaching is not filling a bucket but lighting a fire".

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jstrawn said...

Wow a photo of John Lincoln! He was my drawing teacher at CSULB from 1993-97 and I remember those days with great fondness and fierce anger. (u know what I mean) In fact, met my future wife in our beginning drawing class! Unfortunately, 20 years later, she still hates him (I'll tell her she can let it go now, but she won't) but I can't help but love the guy for teaching me to draw in a way that you would only understand if you had him too. I think I heard through the grapevine that he had passed but don't remember when that was.

Anyways, thanks for the photo, and the drawings... they look great of course. I still remember well when you came to visit us in Hadlock's Illustration class. Draw on!