Wednesday, February 10, 2010

life (drawing) stuff

fun sundays at 'the drawing club'

where have you been lowery !?!

some frames and a life drawing... the storyboards done with my tablet PC or my new cintiq. the photo is of my late, great life drawing master teacher from CSULB - John Lincoln. i opened a fortune cookie that summed up life class with John, "Teaching is not filling a bucket but lighting a fire".

Friday, May 22, 2009

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

more digital drawings...

here's some work-related ones. i've tried to adopt the storyboard method of my pal adolfo martinez (whose cintiq i first ventured out on!...); wherein one starts with traditionally drawn thumbnails , and he wisely draws them on thumbsized post-it notes keeping thumbnails from growing into full-sized 'roughs'. then, once the visualization and most adjustments are made in this fast scale, one redraws them on the tablet.

DIGITAL DRAWINGS ! OMG! he's gone digital...

recently bought a new/used/off-the-back-of-a-truck HP Tablet PC (with the wacom tablet screen on it) as a baby-step towards doing my work on the cintiq. the eventual plan being: 1) a cintiq for the office 2) the Tablet PC for home & travel.
 i find it alot of fun, even though i'd spent alot of time these last few years on photoshop (thanks to the endless tutelage on spidey from the legendary anthony zierhut!...), there's still a learning curve to drawing exclusively with the photoshop tools. about a year ago, i drew a sequence on a cintiq for 'Terminator 4' over a couple of weeks time; and i remember feeling kinda sad using this new techno-tool. i, literally, sighed looking over at my markers & refills laying idle. worse was thinking , "...what if i never get to use those again? a lifetime spent acquiring a language with those tools" ...i'm not sure what or when the 'seed change' occurred for me (maybe i became a replicant and i'm actually coming-home to my digital nature...yikes!).
more likely i believe i wanted to challenge myself to do it, as bronowski said, "... the hand drives the subsequent evolution of the brain...". as for myself, i'm often driven by some vision of myself being better at all of this stuff.. ha!
my first drawing with it was of fellow storyboard artist dan sweetman. next, i thought - 'if i want to learn to draw with this, what better than to take the tablet drawing' , so i took the tablet to life drawing ; since then came the rest shown.